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How should WTO member states respond to the issue of access to Essay

How should WTO member states respond to the issue of access to medicines as provided for in the DOHA AGREEMENT for trips - Essay Example European Union: European Parliament , EU Motion For Resolution Cases: Thai Cigarette Case India- Mailbox Case 3 Abstract The issue of access to medicines is an important, strategic issue which if not answered immediately will entail loss of million of lives. At the moment, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is raging like wild bushfire in Africa. In Kenya alone, 300 people die daily because of AIDS while1.5 million people carry the HIV virus . In other countries, the statistics are even more mind-boggling. The Doha Agreement on TRIPS and the strict intellectual property laws on patents had been pinpointed as at the heart of the failure to access medicines needed to treat HIV, TB, malaria and other diseases prevalent in LDCs or least developed countries. This paper traces the history of the Doha Agreement and finds solutions to the problem of accessibility pointing out weaknesses in the TRIPS Agreement. Finally, it suggests ways of how WTO member states be able to do their part in ensuring that millions of lives be saved by a steady supply of affordable, generic drugs to LCDS and how these can be encouraged to manuf acture their own drugs using compulsory licenses easily obtainable through TRIPS provisions and furthermore export these drugs to other LCDs similarly situated as them. Introduction International trade in the olden days was often marked with conflicts, disputes or even violence that threatened sprouting of wars between contracting nations. Thus,... International trade in the olden days was often marked with conflicts, disputes or even violence that threatened sprouting of wars between contracting nations. Thus, the lex mercatoria or law merchant came into being to govern international trade, all international merchants and especially monopolistic chartered companies such as the East India Company, South Sea Company and the Hudson Bay Company which needed to be reined over to protect small-scale merchants . Suddenly, international commercial arbitration governed by lex mercatoria was utilised to settle international trade disputes. Here, an aritrator applied the usages and customs of international trade and the â€Å"rules of law which are common to all or most of the states engaged in international trade† . But despite this, the problem of diversity of sales laws in some 200 trading countries, forum shopping by nations in dispute, no level playing field, high transaction costs demanded that conflict rules of internationa l law be applied to avoid rising incidents of disputes. As international trade metamorphosed into a highly complex trade deals that involved tariffs and non-tariff barriers, dumping of goods, trade in services, trade in intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright rights etc., institutions designed to supervise, police and liberalise international trade as well as negotiate and implement trade agreements, had to be established. Moreover, as authors Trebilcock and Howse pointed out, there was an imperative need to regulate international trade because a favourable balance of trade had to be perpetually maintained and this meant formulating policies that encouraged aggressive exportation while at the same time restricted importation.

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Landscape Photography Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Landscape Photography - Assignment Example When you want to create the landscape photograph, you are suppose to look for predominant features to be the center of interest for example, when photographing landscape and the sun is setting, the center of interest will be sun. When taking a photograph you must choose the color of the day. Try to go out and make the images of that color the dominant element to an image. Find more different ways to possibly perform that. Also choose the shape and create images which will use the shape in a way that is interesting. This could the encompass in architecture, an art, or a juxtaposition of the multiple structures. The reflection of a photograph is a powerful element; reflection could be looked as the element in the work of taking photograph whether in landscape or portrait or the still life. Before you start composing the still-life of an image, the first thing to decide is the subject. The common subjects of the still-life images are natural objects like flowers, sea shell, leaves, birds nest, food, and many more that are man-made items. The still-life shoot is usually inspired by the color of a certain fruits in seasons, the light beauty falling to a collection of things like wine corks, or even the memory of the mothers using the old sets of dishes. Still-life photograph is commonly used in advertisement for example, showing a case of a product. When you select the main subject, start assembling your set for example by arranging the subject and any other item that may bring the factors of composition to the surface on which the photograph is to be taken. This can be achieved through setting the necessary lights, reflectors and any other equipment. Place the major subjects set first; then build the composition by removing or adding the objects until there is achievement of desired

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Social Media and Internet Marketing Essay Example for Free

Social Media and Internet Marketing Essay Social media, although a relatively recent phenomenon, is becoming an Increasingly important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform. According to Dragon, â€Å"The perception of social media marketing has shifted quickly no longer viewed as a trendy or passing fad, having a flexible and well-managed presence in each of the â€Å"big three† (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) has become a must for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace† (pg. 103). What could once be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be supplemented by a robust and responsive utilization of the tools social media offers. Finding ways in this strange new world can be quite confusing at first but these are lessons most of today’s marketing businesses have to learn. Social media is changing the ways of traditional network marketing, to increase sales, marketing businesses have to connect with customers and join their conversations on social media sites. So even though social media marketing takes time to learn and use, social media has changed the way business is done today. Social media is changing the ways of network marketing Social media is not just a powerful tool that lets friends and family communicate, it also can be used to help market a business or product. Social media marketing as it is referred to is helping and fuelling the growing online platform of buying and selling. Many network-marketing businesses think they know what their customers want, but until they do a bit of research and discover what they want, it is just guess work. The power of social media can help network marketing businesses keep in touch with their customers and determine exactly what they want, simply by reading, capturing, and using the comments the customers make on social media sites. This new approach to marketing can help to expand and explode the marketing of products to target what customers want, and exactly when they want it. Chase and Knebl (2011) opined, â€Å"The Internet is the greatest communication tool of all time. For sales people, it is also the ultimate game changer. Past technological changes have all been improvements like voice mail, which were easily adaptable to the existing landscape, whereas the Internet is not. Over the past 15 years, it has completely taken over the way in which people get and exchange information. Over the past 5 years, it has completely taken over in which people socialize with one another. And now – right now, social networking is taking over B2B communication. Like it or not, social networking sites are completely, and permanently, redefining the way sales people find new customers† (p.p. 3 4). How marketing was managed and operated for businesses before has changed with the advent of the Internet. Traditional network marketing methods versus today’s social media marketing The traditional selling (marketing) use of the telephone is increasingly becoming obsolete as a business communication tool. The majority of business- to-business (B2B) correspondence now occurs through e-mail, simply because online communication is vastly superior to telephone as a means of sharing information. According to Chase and Knebl (2011), â€Å"The Internet has created fundamental shifts in the B2B marketplace that are driving the future of the selling profession. They require all of us who wish to sell successfully in the new marketplace to accept these changes, recognize the inherent opportunities that they offer, and become educated in the new skills needed to acquire new customers† (p. 4). In order to be efficient in marketing, it is important to realize what will work and what marketing methods are not working any more. For example, if the target market is a senior market, a yellow page ad may very well still bring in customers, but if the customers are under the age of 60, it is best to put marketing resources elsewhere. We have seen many changes to the trends and methods of marketing just over the last few years and these changes are continuing. Some of the trends and methods to watch closely according to Lake (2012) are Mobile Marketing In a report done by CTIA Wireless Association it was reported that 250+ million Americans carry mobile phones thats over 80% of the nation’s population. Mobile applications will continue to be developed and smart phones and tablet PCs will remain a part of our daily lives. Social Marketing Integration In 2011 companies began to take social media marketing seriously and because of that we saw social media explode as a marketing tool. This year we will begin to see companies heavily integrate social media into their overall marketing plan, which is how it should have been done in the first place, but better late than never. We will see social media expand from a tool used primarily for customer service and brand management to being used to collect customer data and enable better target marketing of products and services that those customers are interested. Traditional Marketing Continues to Diminishes This is always a touchy subject, because there are so many that dont want to say goodbye to the traditional marketing. Interactive or real-time marketing is easy to measure, engage and gain real time statistics that allows us to change a marketing message quickly. Customers are continuing to go online to search for information and in return making their purchases online. Its important that marketers move their marketing dollars to where the consumers are and right now thats making a gigantic shift to online. Internet marketing enables us to reach targeted audiences online, advertising costs are lower and they are easier to measure. Whats not to love about interactive marketing? Overall marketing budgets will continue to shift to a higher spend online and the traditional marketing spend will continue to diminish. Relationships will Drive Loyalty and Sales Customers want to know they matter to you and your staff. They evaluate now more than ever how they are treated, whether or not your business cares about their satisfaction. Gone are the days that they just purchase out of convenience. If you can give the best customer care, you will find that you will create consumers that are loyal to you, regardless of whether or not you have the least expensive price. They realize that in tough economic times their loyalty to you could be the life or death of your business and thats often why they will go out of their way to spend their hard-earned dollars in your place of business if you have helped in creating loyalty by giving them extraordinary care. Social media helping to promote and market businesses and products Millions of people uses social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter each day to stay up-to-date with their favorite brands and businesses. More than ever, it is important for business owners to ensure that their marketing strategies include some social media activities. Social media offers new ways to connect with current and potential customers, build online presence and also help develop long-lasting relationships with other business professionals and future contacts, Lovett (2011) made some interesting findings in his book: Social media has unquestionably entered the mainstream as consumers flock to jump on every social bandwagon, buggy, and freight train that drives past. This frenzied enthusiasm has helped the largest social networks to amass hundreds of thousands of users that rival the world’s most populous countries, while new platforms and channels emerge unabated. The early sparks of social media innovations have flourished into a raging inferno of opportunity for consumers and businesses alike. These businesses include everyone from the largest global fortune 100 to the smallest mom-and-pop shop, who are winning and losing everyday with social media. The losers are detached from their customers because they are unable to hear the outpouring of ideas and feedback over the drone of their antiquated toiling. Conversely, the winners are tapping into consumers’ needs and wants and suing social media as a method to: * Increase brand exposure * Initiate dialogue with customer * Generate interaction with their own media * Facilitate customer support * Assemble legions of loyal advocates * Spur corporate innovation * Do much, much more. (p.p. 3 4) In closing, for marketing businesses in the next decade, it will become increasingly important to monitor their brands and reputations online and to be aware of what is being said as well as do any damage control and address any issues that arise in a timely if not immediate fashion. Businesses can no longer hide behind the four walls; it is not enough to broadcast anymore. To succeed with marketing, it will be necessary to interact, engage, and create relationships to grow marketing businesses and create an effective marketing strategy in the next decade. We have seen millions attracted to social media. People are interacting and engaging daily with other individuals as well as with businesses. This will not slow down. It is believed that over the next decade one will see changes in the social media marketing platforms as well as the social media networking sites that are used. It is important to realize that when using social media in your marketing strategy, it must be remembered that it is about interaction, and not just about broadcasting. You need to create a social media marketing strategy that engages and cultivates relationships as well as solves any problems or issues that come up. Reference Lake, L. (2012). MoneyMarketingMarketing MethodsMarketing Methods and Trends Whats New for 2012. Retrieved from Chase, L., Knebl, K. (2011). The Social Media Sales Revolution (1st ed.). Washington, DC: McGraw-Hill. Dragon, R. (2012). Social Marketology (1st ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Lovett, J. (2011). Social Media Metrics Secrets (1st ed.).Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, Inc..

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Dr. Richard P. Feynman :: Biographies Physics Essays

Dr. Richard P. Feynman There exists a man in the annals of modern physics who defies almost all description. His name is Richard P. Feynman, and he is equally known for dozens of accomplishments which often seem to have very little to do with physics. Bongo drummer is nearly as good a description as any, for playing the bongos was one of those accomplishments. In a feat of rhythmic skill that is rare amongst even the most prestigious classically trained musicians, Feynman taught himself to sustain two-handed polyrhythms of seven against six and even thirteen against twelve (Gleick, 16). He had a feeling for rhythm that allowed him to do everything from hold an audience spellbound with his improvisational bongo drumming (16), to annoy his college roommates with an incessant, almost absentminded drumming of his fingers (65). Richard Feynman was also much more than a bongo drummer, or even a mere physicist. He had the uncanny ability to see a puzzle and come to its inevitable solution in the time it takes an average person to blink. Feynman was asked to serve on the Rogers Commission investigation of the Challenger explosion in 1986 (Slone, Challenger). After reluctantly agreeing to join the commission, he began to truly sink his teeth into the problem. By going directly to the people who designed and built the shuttle, Feynman was able to learn just exactly how dangerous shuttle flight actually could be. The official NASA figure for the chance of shuttle failure was 1 in 100,000 (Challenger). In the course of his research, Feynman came to the conclusion that a more accurate number was actually 1 in 100 (Challenger). It was because of this willingness to do the necessary research and look beyond the management level of NASA to the guts of the engineering that Feynman was able to discover the true cause of the explosion. Cutting through political correctness and public relations concerns, Feynman conducted a simple experiment with a cup of ice water in front of a meeting of the commission, thereby proving that the material the O-ring was made of was incapable of handling the stress of takeoff at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature on the day of the launch (Challenger). It might be interesting to wonder about the origins of a man with such an incredible ability to isolate the truth and clearly relate it to others. To find those origins one need look no farther than the eastern coastline of the United States of America.

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“A Question of Torture” by Alfred McCoy

â€Å"In April 2004, the American public was stunned when CBS Television broadcast photographs from Abu Ghraib prison, showing Iraqis naked, hooded, and contorted in humiliating positions while U.S. soldiers stood over them, smiling†. (p.5)Here Alfred McCoy starts his narration. His book â€Å"A Question of Torture† is labeled as a penetration study of fifty years American participation in torture propagation, research and practice. The book reveals degrading and inhumane treatment, cruelty and injustice in US history intensified by tragic personal case studies and experiences.The author deepens in why the tortures were sued, where they were implemented and what the consequences were. It is known that CIA had spent millions of dollars on torture research and the author writes that it combined self-inflicted pain with sensory deprivation with the eternal purpose of creating revolutionary psychological approach. The goal was to develop the first innovation in torture: â⠂¬Å"Still, if genius is the discovery of the obvious, then the CIA's perfection of psychological torture was a major scientific turning point, albeit unnoticed and unheralded in the world beyond its secret safe houses†.   (p.7)The primary techniques in torturing were hooding, isolation, extremes of hot and cold, hours of standing without opportunities to move or to change body position, manipulation of time. In such a way CIA had managed to destroy victim’s senses and his personal identity. All these techniques are claimed to have been used in Vietnam, Iraq, Iran and Central America. For example, Washington is argued to refer to torture in CIA’s prisons and torture-friendly countries.Nevertheless, information obtained through torturing is really worthless as victims were ready to acknowledge their fault even if they were not guilty. McCoy says that the agency used electric shocks and recruited peopled like, for example, Kurt Plotner. The author concludes that t he simplest and cheapest methods work the best and, what is more awful, public accepted them more than physical violence.Book DiscussionI think that the book â€Å"A Question of Torture† is really shocking and impressive study as the author reveals the most contradictive and painful pages of American history.Nevertheless, the book contributes historical filed as McCoy tends to provide neutral and realistic examples how tortures were used by CIA and where they were used. The author frames historical development of tortures stressing they are sanctioned. He seems to be very concerned with the diminished standards of American nation.However, I agree with McCoy that tortures are rarely affective and it is simply a like looking for a needle in haystack. The book teaches us that once torture is implemented, it results in mass tortures as, for example, tortures in Argentina and Chile during their ‘dirty wars’. Moreover, mass tortures are linked to increased rates of jud icial killings.

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Illusion and Reality in The Great Gatsby Essay - 1548 Words

Illusion and Reality in The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel about one mans disenchantment with the American dream. In the story we get a glimpse into the life of Jay Gatsby, a man who aspired to achieve a position among the American rich to win the heart of his true love, Daisy Fay. Gatsbys downfall was in the fact that he was unable to determine that concealed boundary between reality and illusion in his life. The Great Gatsby is a tightly structured, symbolically compressed novel whose predominant images and symbols reinforce the idea that Gatsbys dream exists on borrowed time. Fitzgerald perfectly understood the inadequacy of Gatsbys romantic view of wealth. At a young age†¦show more content†¦The Buchanans represent cowardice, corruption, and the demise of Gatsbys dream. Gatsby, unlike Fitzgerald himself, never discovers how he has been betrayed by the class he has idealized for so long. For Gatsby, the failure of the rich has disastrous consequences. Gatsbys desire to achieve his dream leads him to West Egg Island. He purchased a mansion across the bay from Daisys home. There is a green light at the end of Daisys dock that is visible at night from the windows and lawn of Gatsbys house. This green light is one of the central symbols of the novel. In chapter one, Nick observes Gatsby in the dark as he looks longingly across the bay with arms stretched outward toward the green light. It becomes apparent, as the story progresses that the whole being of Gatsby exists only in relation to what the green light symbolizes This first sight, that we have of Gatsby, is a ritualistic tableau that literally contains the meaning of the completed book (Bewley 41). A broader definition of the green lights significance is revealed in Chapter 5, as Gatsby and Daisy stand at one of the windows in his mansion. If it wasnt for the mist we could see your home across the bay, said Gatsby. You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock. Daisy put her arm through his abruptly, but he seemed absorbed in what he had just said. Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had vanishedShow MoreRelatedExamples Of Illusion And Reality In The Great Gatsby1454 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald the theme of The American Dream and Illusion versus Reality are interlinked and are also evident within the novel. This is seen through the protagonist Jay Gatsby, recently changed from James Gatz, who once lived with a poor lifestyle, strived for greatness and luxury in order to achieve The American dream, and is now living in West Egg. This is where people of new wealth go to live their lives. Gatsby’s tale of rags-to-riches can beRead More Illusions and Reality in The Great Gatsby Essay3057 Words   |  13 Pages     Ã‚   According to Cynthia Wu, no matter how many critical opinions there are on The Great Gatsby, the book basically deals with Gatsbys dream and his illusions (39). We find out from the novel that Jay Gatsby is not even a real person but someone that James Gatz invented. Wu also tells us that Gatsby has illusions that deal with romance, love, beauty, and ideals (39). Wu also points out that Gatsbys illusions can be divided into four related categories: he came from a rich upper class family,Read MoreDifference Between Illusion And Reality In The Great Gatsby1024 Words   |  5 Pagesthe difference between reality and illusion? Fitzgerald shows this with the character Jay Gatsby. It can be hard to tell the difference between illusion and reality because we are so numb to it. Reality television is an ironic name for something so False it is not even close to the everyday life of a normal American, so from the day we’re old enough to watch tv we are exposed to illusion. The title â€Å"The Great Gatsby† is an accurate title for this book because it depicts Gatsby correctly; MagiciansRead MoreReality And Illusions : The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1211 Words   |  5 PagesReality and Illusions Struggling with the separation of reality and an illusion, the characters in The Great Gatsby lived lives of deceit, which were not all as fabulous as they may have appeared. Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Jordan Baker were just a few examples of people, who were seemingly flawless and content, but truly they were lost, chasing after a dream they could never grasp. Jay Gatsby was a man obsessed with a dream of love and wealth. In his mind, Gatsby created an unattainable illusionRead MoreIllusion Vs. Reality : The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1034 Words   |  5 Pages2015 Illusion Vs. Reality Everyday people create false realities to live in a world that they want. They lie to themselves and others only to find in the end that they are drowning in the reality of a situation. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, â€Å"The Great Gatsby,† the concept of illusion versus reality is a leading cause of the failures and issues that most of the characters face. Their emotions and mentalities ran high in the book leading them into a whirlwind of illusion rather than reality. TheirRead MoreDepicting the Difference Between Reality and Illusion in ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams and ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F.Scott Fitzgerald1740 Words   |  7 Pagesof dreams and illusions ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams and ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F.Scott Fitzgerald both depict the conflict between reality and illusion centring on the desire to achieve the ‘American dream,’ which causes many characters in the texts to become engulfed in dreams and fantasy. Gatsby and Blanche are the protagonists of the texts not only due to their central role in the plots, but also that they are characters who most desire to live under illusion. Blanche desperatelyRead MoreEssay on The Great Gatsby: American Dream or American Nightmare?1739 Words   |  7 Pagesstare blankly.† ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby The American Dream, a long standing ideal embodies the hope that one can achieve financial success, political power, and everlasting love through dedication and hard work. During the Roaring 20s, people in America put up facades to mask who they truly were. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald conveys that the American Dream is simply an illusion, that is idealist and unreal. In the novel, Gatsby, a wealthy socialite pursues his dream, DaisyRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1465 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom reality to a world of imagination that is ideal for someone. However, we get overwhelmed with our fantasies, we lose touch with reality. In the text, â€Å"Is The Great Gatsby the Most Overrated Literary Novel of All Time,† Daniel Honan argues that the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby is an overrated novel in his opinion. Honan challenges his claim on the novel by questioning, should his book be considered an American classic? Author, F.Scott Fitzgerald, port rays his novel The Great GatsbyRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And A Street Car Named Desire1715 Words   |  7 PagesArguably, the themes of illusion and fantasy are prominent in both The Great Gatsby and A Street Car Named Desire. F.Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams use these themes to shape characters as well as drive the plot. These themes are also present in the setting, narration and characterisation. Illusion and fantasy dominate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They are essential to narration, setting and characterisation in the novel. Nick Caraway’s narration is conflicted between a realisticRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1519 Words   |  7 PagesScott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby differs greatly from their actual selves. The use of illusion in the novel is used effectively to portray the nature of people in the 1920 s, and the â€Å"artificial† life that is lived in this modern age. There are many incidences in which the appearance of characters is far different than what lurks inside them. Several of these incidences are shown in the appearances of Gatsby himself, Daisy Buchanan, and Gatsby’s true love for Daisy. Gatsby goes through a dramatic

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Operation Ivory Coast Of The Vietnam War - 1599 Words

The Son Tay Raid, also known as Operation Ivory Coast, was a United States combined joint military forces mission conducted in the Vietnam War to rescue prisoners of war. The Son Tay Raid was a mission involving the President of the United States and his highest advisors, multiple armed forces aviation and special operations assets, mission details including intentionally crashing a helicopter, and the highest level of secrecy. The Son Tay Raid, since completion of the mission, regarded as being one of the most successful and impactful single missions of the Vietnam War. The Son Tay Raid is a failure due to the absence of prisoners of war at the time of the raid. While the Son Tay Raid did not succeed in its primary mission, the raid was successful in its integration of combined joint aviation assets, special operations ground soldiers, and tactical innovation. With intelligence gathered by the Defense Military Intelligence department â€Å"in May 1970 based on imagery† (A midon, 2005) Operation Ivory Coast was conceived. The imagery showed strong potential for American prisoners of war held in North Vietnam near Hanoi. The mission was to raid a prisoner of war camp near the Son Tay Citadel and rescue approximately 70 personnel held captive by the North Vietnamese deep in North Vietnamese territory. A mission at this scale will be the first of its kind. The mission was to include crash landing a HH-3H into the main compound holding prisoners of war. The mission wasShow MoreRelatedSignificance Of The Actions For Operation Ivory Coast1342 Words   |  6 Pagesprovide an alternate outcome. This paper will define the battle, review the settings, describe the actions, and assess the significance of the actions for Operation Ivory Coast. The operation took place during 1971 in Northern Vietnam by United States Special Forces operators. The There had been more than 500 identified American Prisoners of War held by the North Vietnamese. Several reports indicated the North Vietnamese Army tortured prisoners and kept them in terrible conditions. As a resultRead MoreStrategic Success And Mission Failure Of Operation Ivory Coast2305 Words   |  10 Pagesassess the significance of the actions for Operation Ivory Coast. Furthermore, this paper will relate the causes and effects of essential elements critical to the tactical success and mission failure of Operation Ivory Coast. Ultimately, all contributing factors will coalesce into lessons learned from the operation that are still applicable to this day. Define the Battle The United States Army Special Forces (U.S. SF) conducted a joint operation with the United States Air Force (U.S. AirRead MoreUnited Nations Economic And Social Council1334 Words   |  6 PagesInternational Non-governmental Organizations can further be defined by their primary purpose. Some INGOs are operational, meaning that their primary purpose is to foster the community-based organizations within each country via different projects and operations. Some INGOs are advocacy-based, meaning that their primary purpose is to influence the policy-making of different countries’ governments regarding certain issues or promote the awareness of a certain issue. Many of the large INGOs have componentsRead MoreInsurgency4485 Words   |  18 PagesEgyptian Revolution of 2011.[3] Where a revolt takes the form of armed rebellion, it may not be viewed as an insurgency if a state of belligerency exists between one or more sovereign states and rebel forces. For example, during the America n Civil War, the Confederate States of America was not recognized as a sovereign state, but it was recognized as a belligerent power, and thus Confederate warships were given the same rights as United States warships in foreign ports.[4][5][6] When insurgencyRead MoreArisaig Investment Letter6815 Words   |  28 PagesDetails Geographic allocation (%) AACF 36.7 31.3 9.0 8.2 5.4 4.4 4.0 1.5 AFCF 30.1 25.7 12.7 9.5 6.6 6.1 3.7 0.4 ALCF 35.1 28.3 11.9 9.9 5.4 4.0 1.4 India China / Hong Kong Indonesia Philippines Pakistan Vietnam Korea Thailand Nigeria South Africa Kenya Turkey Ghana Morocco Rwanda Ivory Coast Brazil Mexico Chile Peru Central America Colombia Ecuador Net cash Other net assets/(liabilities) 0.9 (1.4) 100 Net cash Other net assets/(liabilities) 2.3 2.9 100 Net cash Other net assets/(liabilities) Read MoreEssay on Condoms3569 Words   |  15 Pagescondoms were discovered in the foundations of Dudley Castle near Birmingham, England. They were made of fish and animal intestine and dated back to 1640. They were probably used to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections during the war between the forces of Oliver Cromwell and soldiers loyal to King Charles I. Ancient Times Throughout the ages people have tried to find ways of preventing conception and venereal diseases. Obvious methods, such as withdrawal, the rhythm methodRead MoreProcter and Gamble Environmental Analysis10421 Words   |  42 Pagespartnership began October 31, 1837, with paid-in capital of $7, 192.24. [Source?] It has grown to be the leading maker of household products in the United States. According to the company‘s website,, PG‘s operations are sustainable and go beyond the core of their manufacturing operations, extending to a holistic end-to-end view of opportunities. [Since this paragraph includes specific facts not generally known by the public, the source of the information should be indicated by an in-text referenceRead MoreNotes18856 Words   |  76 Pagesof the effect of all these factors on the political and economic evolution of African countries. The two largest colonial powers in Africa were France and Britain, both of which controlled two-thirds of Africa before World War I and more than 70 percent after the war (see Table 4.1). The period from the  ­ id-1800s to the early 1900s marked the zenith of imperial rule m in Africa. The formalization of colonial rule was accomplished at the  ­ 99 M04_KHAF1713_04_SE_C04.indd 99 1/18/12Read MoreIron Steel Industry in India6375 Words   |  26 Pagesbooms and one transformation. The first steel industry boom lasted from 1950 until the first oil crisis in 1973. This period witnessed a flourishing world steel market sustained largely by the reconstruction of European countries after the Second World War and their automotive industry boom. However, the 1973–4 oil crisis put a brake on the fast pace of steel production growth and further led the global steel industry into a transformation era lasting two decades. The period 1975–2000 was characterizedRead MoreMuseums Essays10752 Words   |  44 Pagesmuseums use unpaid volunteers to assist with educational programs. Docents (pronounced DOH-sents) are trained volunteers who lead guided tours. Administrative staff members work in the areas of public relations, visitor services, fundraising, retail operations, publishing, security, business management, human resources, and information management. La rge museums often maintain libraries or archives for research and for the documentation of the collections. The museum librarian orders, acquires, and processes